Romney’s Six Billionaires: this is What Plutocracy looks like

right here 1 p.c wonders are doing simply beautiful below Obama, however when you consider that their worldview is basically constrained to an obsession with their marginal tax rate, they can’t chorus from denouncing the president and thinking of latest the way to thwart his re-election bid. The Romney guys desperately wish to see the first financier president, a person after their situs judi online own bloodless hearts.

1. David Siegel, the Bitching Billionaire

due to individuals over at Gawker, we’ve gotten a glance at the immoral activities of David Siegel, founder and CEO of national timeshare significant Westgate motels. Siegel is prosperous and desires you to are aware of it, constructing himself the greatest and perhaps the tackiest condo in the us. The documentary The Queen of Versailles follows Siegel and his wife Jackie in pursuit of obscene extra within the kind of a ninety,000-rectangular-foot homage to bad style, complete with a 20-vehicle garage, a two-anecdote wine cellar, and a 30-foot stained glass dome.

notwithstanding he brags that his business is extra ecocnomic than ever, Siegel, an avid Republican, lately sent an electronic mail to his thousands of employees agen sbobet suggesting that they would lose their jobs if Barack Obama is re-elected. in addition to shelling out vote casting suggestions, Siegel wallows in 1 percent self-pity:

“They want you to accept as true with that we live in a class system the place the prosperous get richer, the poor get poorer. They label us the ‘1%’ and imply that we’re in some way resistant to the challenges that face our nation. This could not be additional from the actuality. sure, you might also have heard about the huge domestic that i’m constructing. i am sure many people think that I live a privileged existence.”

Three swimming swimming pools? Privileged? Perish the idea.

In excessive narcissistic trend, Siegel goes on to praise himself for the “hard work, self-discipline, and sacrifice” that developed a company “which by the way, would ultimately employ you.” He laments the sacrifices he has persisted in view that the Recession for the good of his employees: “over the past four years I actually have needed to cease constructing my dream house, reduce again on all of my prices, and capture my children out of private faculties easily to preserve this business strong agen judi bola terpercaya and to retain you employed.” Siegel spends most of the relaxation of the letter bitching that shiftless americans anticipating a “bailout” within the form of bigger taxes on fatcats will drive him to the Caribbean, the place he will ensconce himself beneath a palm tree and stop to be concerned in regards to the little americans.

Edward Ericson Jr., formerly a reporter for the Orlando Weekly, has a different take on how the slimy Siegel made his funds, a memoir of working scams and ripping off clients.

2. “Neutron” Jack Welch

the previous head of frequent electric powered and big-time Romney fan has been making quite a spectacle of himself due to the fact final Friday. ensed by the favorable jobs document, he went on a conspiracy thought rampage, accusing the Obama administration of manipulating the report in an effort to relaxed the election. After receiving a barrage of criticism, he instructed MSNBC host Chris Matthews that he had no evidence to prove such claims. Then he went on to make them anyway. Why should a gazillionaire trouble with facts?

He has when you consider that left Fortune magazine in a huff — the very book that as soon as named him manager of the Century — after managing editor Andy Serwer cautioned that his claims were absurd.

mockingly, the person levying charges of cooking the books is the one who wrote the cookbook. Barry Ritholtz of the large graphic reminds us that Welch had agen judi piala dunia a bad addiction of manipulating GE’s revenue whereas he was CEO of the enterprise. In his article “You Don’t comprehend Jack,” Jonathan R. Laing describes how Welch committed account misdeeds at GE while enjoying such perks as an $80.”000-a-month big apple pad, a corporate jet, fee for country-membership charges, and a number of alternative luxuries.

A funny one to be happening about jobs, Jack Welch is a key architect of the company style concentrated on short-run gains, overspeculation, and obsession with inventory costs, which, apart from killing innovation and helping to blow up the area economic climate in 2008, has brought about untold trouble for staff. Welch is a long-time champion of expanding gains with the aid of laying off personnel, destroying so many jobs at GE that he earned the nickname “Neutron Jack.” When he wasn’t considering of latest the way to deliver purple slips, he become busy denying the fitness threats of PCBs that GE became dumping into big apple’s Hudson River.

“You cannot just name me old and senile,” complained Welch in the wake of the jobs file flap. k, that might be suggest. How about crooked and dismal?

3. on line casino King Sheldon Adelson

Sheldon Adelson likes to move massive. He heads up perhaps the largest playing and on line casino operation in the world. And he spends big-time bucks attempting to control the American political gadget.

Adelson is poor with President Obama’s policies on Israel, and claims that is why he helps Mitt Romney for president. but in line with the big apple instances, his business is additionally below investigation by way of the Obama Justice branch for overseas bribery and money laundering. could the playing honcho be hoping a Romney victory would make the pesky investigation disappear?

Annoucing that beating President Obama.”is never every thing, it be the only issue,” Adelson has unleashed $70 million attempting to influence the effect of the 2012 elections — greater than anybody has spent in any U.S. election thus far. He has vowed to employ as much as $100 million in complete via election day.

Adelson additionally has a special knack for assisting the brand new classification of Asian elites take pleasure in ridiculous luxuries, comparable to a drink that comes with a one-carat diamond accessible at his nightclub in Singapore’s Marina Bay Sands on line casino. The drink sells for $26,000.

4. Donald Trump: Plutocratic character disease

When it comes to stratospheric greed and arrogance, it’s tough to beat the Donald. How could a man famous for the phrase, “You’re fired!” now not love a man who claimed to take pleasure in inserting people out of labor? Naturally Trump just can’t say satisfactory first rate issues about Romney. And he fully has Mitt’s back on those Ugly remarks made at a Florida fundraiser that characterised just about half the country as freeloading losers. Trump announced that no longer only should Romney not apologize, but that “what he pointed out is likely what he capability.” tons obliged for the clarification.

When Obama’s identify comes up, the phrases “beginning certificates” are by no means far from Trump’s lips. That and common questions about the president’s educational credentials.

The poster baby for plutocratic character disorder, Trump is smitten by talking about himself, naming things after himself, and surrounding himself with photographs of – you guessed it — himself. perhaps that’s to compensate for the incontrovertible fact that he’s actually a stunning crappy businessman and endlessly in want of funds. After spending time with Trump and discussing his various luxury residences, the new Yorker’s Mark Singer concluded that the man “had aspired to and finished the highest quality luxury, an existence unmolested with the aid of the rumbling of a soul.”

5. and 6. Koch Brothers, limitless

No record of Romney men would be complete devoid of the billionaire brothers who made their fortune in the oil and fuel industries. Over three decades, Charles and David Koch have spent greater than $one hundred million pushing their freaky libertarian agenda, which for years they did on the QT until the Obama presidency horrified them to such a level that they could not disguise within the shadows. There isn’t any tax they don’t abhor, no environmental coverage they don’t want to kill, and no safeguard internet they don’t ardently desire to shred. Romney, who aims to shield the prosperous from paying their ravishing share of taxes and offers an energy plan tailor-made to the wants of the oil, coal and fuel industries, is their man for Washington.

The harm that these tycoons do to our herbal world, our democracy and our feel of public believe can be elaborate to overestimate. whether or not they’re making an attempt to resegregate faculties they tried to do this to my very personal public college district in Wake County, North Carolina, repress votes, privatize pally protection, or dump toxic waste into rivers that sicken entire communities, the Koch brothers are indefatigable of their efforts and inexhaustible of their determine-writing. check out the documentary The Koch Brothers uncovered, featuring AlterNet’s political creator Adele Stan.

As AlterNet govt editor Don Hazen has mentioned, Romney’s running pal Paul Ryan is the Koch brothers’ hand-picked darling, a perfect automobile for his or her twisted, cult-of-selfishness Ayn Rand philosophy. Ryan serves his masters by repeating Koch falsehoods on Medicare, scheming to consume your retirement, denying local weather trade and chopping taxes on the prosperous and corporations.

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